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Microchip Design

SilverTip Telematics is a certified Microchip design partner. We design and manufacture embedded and wireless devices for demanding environments. Whether you are looking for a complete turn-key custom design or a modification to an existing product, we can provide our professional services.

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Our engineering staff specialties include the following fields:

  1. 8 bit
  2. 16 bit
  3. DSC
  1. Power
  2. Mixed Signal
  3. Linear
Market Segment
  1. Automotive
  2. Consumer
  3. Home Appliances
  4. Industrial
  5. Telecom
  1. Connectivity and Networking including CAN, USB, Ethernet, RF, ZigBee, and Infared
  2. Home and Building Automation including Security Systems and Fire Alarm Systems
  3. Power supplies including both analog and digital
  4. We also have capabilities including audio and speech, battery management, and sensors
Microcontrollers, LCD Displays, HEX Pads
  • Microcontrollers
  • LCD Displays
  • HEX Pads
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